Welcome Pineal Fiends!

I agree that nonsense makes perfect sense
and that I am the Dungherder.
I cant put my foot right in the pile
and get my slice-o-the pie.

Fundamentals of the Eristic Principle

Introduction by Agent of Ancient Discord    

      This summer will mark twelve years since I picked up my first copy of The Principia Discordia, a book which has since become the most sacred text in my entire library. In those years I have peered down through the openings of many reality tunnels and undergrown personality changes, intellectual growth and a semblance of emotional stability. Through all of those changes a few things have always remained with me and Principia and its humor and lessens are among them. For this reason I find myself attempting to understand Discordianism as a whole. To do so I have connected through the internet with a number of fellow Discordians and collected as much related material as I could. Whether that was a Robert Anton Wilson Interview or a YouTube video of Principia author Kerry Thornley with Sondra London or other Thornley works such as Zenarchy I gathered as much information as I could about the intent, history and present state of Discordianism.

     What follows will be both a tribute to the original Principia Discordia as well as to its founders Kerry Thornley and Greg Hill along with Robert Anton Wilson who is owed a great debt of gratitude for bringing Discordianism to light so that even a kid in a small Iowa college town could find the wonders that lie within his own pineal gland. There will also, however, be some straightforward rants, spiels and intellectual sounding nonsense in order to highlight the Principias central themes of individualism, tolerance and self rule. As our world moves towards an ever increasing global ogliarchy the threat to liberty of the individual decreases and Discordianism has made strange bed fellows with many liberal principles that contribute to the erosion of the personal freedoms. We will explore how and why this occurred, as well as the consequences and what we can to to stem the tides washing us out into the sea of anonymity and obeyance. So far as I can tell I have only one purpose to exist and that is to be me. As Bill Hicks said, its all "just a ride", and any system that lies obstacles on those tracks clearly eats brats in buns on Fridays.

Parable of the Pancakes: The Koan That Solves Itsself

Two wise men did come to dine within a restaurants whose menus has pictures
A den of antiquity and patriot of pancakes
Upon finishing their meals the first wise man was gazing upon the second
Who was busying himself with an act of tidyness
The first wise man saw that the second
Was dipping his napkin in butter
And using it as though it were a cleaning solution
Upon discovering the success of the solution
The second wise men did crieth out, "Eureka!"
"The butter cleans the syrup!"
Upon hearing this, the two wise men were enlightened.

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